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Patch Notes | 0.3
Greetings Arceuuns!   I'd like to apologize for the delay of this major patch, I experienced several engine related issues during this patch that have since been resolved.   Vet'ion combat has been rewritten Combat is now stateful, iteration between states should be smoother Hellhounds now have their own combat strategies with correct animations Issues with instancing of Vet'ion have been fixed Drop tables for the following Slayer monsters have been added: Basilisk Pyrefiends Cave crawlers Cockatrice Rock slugs Cave kraken Monkey guards Skeletal wyverns Leaderboards have been updated The leaderboards have been updated...
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Patch Notes | 0.2.2
Hello Arceuuns! I've decided that a more regular update schedule will be best, even if the patches are smaller. This will enable us to get patches out quicker and with minimal bugs due to testing inconsistencies with larger patches. I think this should work out better than our old update procedure on Crux.   Smithing experience is now, actually, 40x RS (apologies, I made a typo in the last patch) Smithing experience on the Extreme game mode is now 25x RS (previously 10x) Smithing experience rates have been corrected (Thank @Sqweacx for pointing out the inconsistency) Smithing and smelting experience rates were the same previously, they have now been corrected, smithing rates are now 1.5x smelting rates and are now as follows Bronze bar: 6.25 ->...
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Patch Notes | 0.2.1
Hello Arceuuns! Small patch today, few more fixes to Kraken and a mechanic change to looting bag.   Kraken: Non-instanced Kraken area is now multi 9 more cave kraken spawns have been added Loot from Kraken now spawns in the correct position on the bridge Looting bag is now kept on death Smithing base experience has been increased to x40 RS rates (previously 30x RS rates) A bug in the instance store which caused a crash when purchasing scrolls has been resolved   Best regards, Arceuus Administration team ...
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